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Anyone who’s ever experienced anxiety likely knows how difficult it can be to put the feeling into words.

When anxiety is bad, it is loud. It wants your attention, and it knows just where your weak spots are. Because anxiety ebbs and flows, when you’re going through a bad patch, it can really be all consuming. Here are top tips for what to when your anxiety is bad:

Slow Down

When you’re feeling anxious, it feels like your whole body and mind is on overdrive. This is something that can be really hard with anxiety, because you often feel like you have so many things you need to get done that moment and that need your attention. You’re allowed to have that time to gather yourself, and it’s only anxiety that is making you feel like you need to rush.

It’s hard when you feel like anxiety is holding you back or when you feel like it’s affecting your behaviour, especially because there is sometimes no explanation for the anxiety. If you had a bad cold or the flu, chances are that you’d slow down a little, maybe take some time of work, and focus on resting and rejuvenating. This is also true when you’re not feeling 100% mentally. It’s okay to set things aside and to rest when you need it.



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