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How to Yoga Like a Pro – Products You Need

How to Yoga Like a Pro

When it comes to doing yoga like a professional, there are several products needed to pull off the task with ease. These products make doing yoga easier and more comfortable for any person. Here is a closer look at some of the products you need to pull off doing perfect yoga.

Yoga Mats


First and foremost, you need a comfortable surface on which to do yoga. Going with a proper yoga mat means having the comfort you need. At the same time, these mats absorb sweat, so you are not nearly as likely to slip and fall during certain poses. Because they provide you with a sense of resistance, the mats are not likely to move around underneath your body’s movements, either. Furthermore, they come in many colors and designs, and even shapes. You can even get a regular sized yoga mat or an extra wide yoga mat. So you are not likely to confuse your mat with someone else’s mat.

Schleppers and Mat Bags


Carrying a yoga mat on its own can be cumbersome from time to time, even when they are completely and properly rolled up. In order to make this process easier, you should consider purchasing a schlepper or a mat bag. These two items make it so that you can carry your yoga mat over your shoulder instead of under your arm. Using one of these tools is safer than carrying a mat under your arm, and it also means it will not come loose during transportation.

Water Bottles

water bottle

Even though yoga is not rigorous exercise, you still need to remain hydrated during the process. Therefore, you need the right water bottle to keep that hydration going. Going with a bottle that has a screw on top or a pop top without a straw is the best option here. Vacuum sealed water bottles with extra layers to prevent sweat built up or fast warming times are also a good idea. A recent, popular bottle type includes an infusing attachment to the lid. Fruit and vegetables can be placed in this attachment, and they soak and infuse into your water. This infusion allows you the chance to gain some extra vitamins and minerals along the way without adding sugar and fat.

Props and Blocks


Some positions in yoga are difficult to perform, and doing them the wrong way can cause injury. Therefore, when first trying to do these moves, you should consider using a prop or a block. Such items are made from firm foam that is also hypoallergenic and easy to clean. They come in different sizes to match people of different heights as well. While they are lightweight, they stand up to heavy weight and pressure.



While you might think a wedge works much in the same way as a prop or block, you would be right in one sense and wrong in another. A wedge is an elongated, thin kind of prop that helps to keep people laying in side poses more easily. They can be used to help you to keep your back elevated slightly to one side as well, should there be too much pressure placed on your back. You can also use it as a bolster, should such an apparatus be too cumbersome for you. This method allows you the chance to take some pressure off your legs during certain poses, too.



Straps focus on providing you something to hold onto while you stretch. It helps to make most poses more accessible while you stretch out and try new poses. At the same time, it also means you will train yourself into keeping the right poses most of the time. Furthermore, it also helps you to extend your limbs without losing posture or over extending and stretching certain body parts. Using a strap when learning new poses will also help to reduce your chance of injury. For this reason, you will want to be sure you use these straps throughout all of your yoga training. This statement is especially true of more complex poses that might send you into overhead stretches and handstands.



While sandbags sound like they have other uses, they actually can be used for some yoga poses. They help you to find balance when trying to train your body into certain poses. At the same time, they also provide a sense of stability while performing extreme stretches. They can also be used to help you gain a sense of strength training along the way. After all, one of the purposes of yoga is to strengthen your body and give it some tone. Therefore, you will want to use sandbags throughout much of your yoga practice instead of just in the beginning.



Meditation practices sometimes come out to play from time to time when you perform yoga poses. Therefore, during these moments of meditation, you will need a cushion to sit on in order to make the post more comfortable. Additionally, the cushion can be used during warm up and cool down poses that focus on simple stretches of the arms, feet, and neck. If you decide to go with a cushion that is not too thick, you can use it under your head while doing other poses that require you to lie on your back.


yoga pants

Of course, when it comes to doing yoga, you need to wear the correct gear. Yoga pants are made for keeping your legs warm at your core and cool elsewhere. They allow you to stretch and move without being encumbered or without having fabric that will get in your way in the process. Yoga pants are meant to make you comfortable during exercise just as much as they are to provide your legs with the chance to breathe properly along the way. As with the yoga mat, these pants come in many colors so that you can personalize them to your style.


There are plenty of tools and products out there that will make you do yoga like a professional. Some of these products seem a little unneeded for the long term, but they will certainly make a difference to have on standby when they are truly needed. The more you delve into doing yoga, the more you might find these tools and products necessary.



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